Saturday, November 20, 2010

Mother Teresa 's Childhood

Agnes' family, which had previously been well off, was left in poverty when her father, a prominent merchant and political figure,died suddenly. It was thought by many that he was poisoned. Despite the fact that her families circumstances were materially altered, her mother continued to assist those who were in even greater need. 3 At least once a week, her mother would feed, care for, and nurse an elderly alchoholic woman. 4 Her mother's attitude to the poor and unwanted greatly influencee Agnes. She would say "When you do good". do it quietly. as if you were throwing a stone into the sea". 5 Her mother also demonstrated spiritual lessons to the children on occasion. One day, she she brought a basket of good apples, placed a rotten apple in the middle of the perfect ones, and covered them. The next day she uncovered them to show that many had begun to rot. This lesson demonstrated the corrupting influence of socializing with those who were of poor character. 6 Agnes enjoyed going to church services, and also enjoyed hearing about the missionaries serving those in need around the world. 7


  1. She is really a great woman i think. And is also a idol we should respect!

  2. I want to know when she was born, when and all about her childhood